Photo by  Julian Croman

Photo by Julian Croman

My last name gives people a lot of trouble, Roensch is pronounced “Wrench,” it used to be Von Röensh, but we changed it to make it easier on people, I guess it didn’t help…

I was born on April Fools Day, which speaks a lot about me.

I’m a ginger, and middle schoolers say I have no soul. I’ve gotten called four eyes and carrot-top too. Your grandma has probably stopped me in the supermarket to tell me that my hair color is beautiful. I’m often compared to ginger celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Ron Weasley. Apparently we all look the same.

On a more serious note, I have many hobbies which include photography, collaging and graphic design. I like non-traditional sports like surfing and rock climbing; the other sports aren’t extreme enough for me.

I’m also known as DJ Sourdough for the radio station KWVA, 88.1 FM for all the Eugeners out there. Tune into the Sour Show here on Monday’s from 3-4pm.


I love meeting new people, feel free to contact me! 310.292.5889